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home business &online business wahms on 07 Aug 2011

WAHM: Your Ticket to Being Home with the Kids & Earning an Income for Your Family


Image: healingdream / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Do you dream of a job where you could spend time with your family and earn money at the same time? Most traditional jobs don’t offer that. But, becoming a WAHM could be the ticket to your dream. Before jumping in head first, here is some helpful information detailing what it’s all about.


What the heck is WAHM? WAHM stands for Work At Home Mom. Over the past 20 years, more and more women have started to leave the workplace and get back to being stay at home moms (or SAHM.)

The decision to do so is never an easy one. Today’s lifestyles and high cost of living makes it very difficult for a family to live on only one income.

Women fought so hard to have the right to work outside of the home, and many took a lot of flack for it at first, but it became apparent a long time ago that men were the only ones being allowed to “have their cake and eat it too.” They could pursue a corporate career and still come home in the evenings and enjoy their family.

Women with careers had a different path to follow. Besides working longer and harder to make the same pay and credibility as their male counterparts, women also had to contend with the housework and the kids. After a long day at the office and doing the household chores, the family sadly got what whatever was left – usually a very worn out and cranky mom.

While we still see some inequality, and women still seem to bear more of the household responsibilities, things are definitely changing. WAHMs are proving everyday that women can contribute to the family financial situation and nurture their families too. Both online and off, a network of support has been created for any woman who wants to consider an option that will help them meet their needs.

How to get started?

When you talk to your family about the possibility of becoming a WAHM, you shouldto have an idea of the direction you want to take. Check out sites like justaddsweat.com, internetbasedmoms.com and wahmtalkradio.com. They offer helpful hints to moms getting started with a work at home enterprise and also a network of opportunities for connecting with other WAHMs. Take the Work at Home Quiz at JustAddSweat to see if it’s right for you!

If your income has been a big part of the monthly family finances, then switching to a work at home enterprise may be a bit painful at first. Be sure there is enough financial cushion in your bank account to weather the first six months of your new career. It will take time to establish your business.


First, figure out your interests and skills. WAHMs can find business opportunities to work for someone else doing everything from transcription to ghostwriting to accounting. Be aware that there are scams about and that legitimate companies looking for professionals won’t ask for money upfront from you.

Some WAHMs carve out their own niche and begin an online business. If you are skilled with crafting, you can create a website to promote your crafts and sell products, or use a site like etsy.com to sell your wares. A blog is also another idea. Blog about your area of expertise and develop a following. Combine that with affiliate or search engine marketing to generate revenue.

Making it work

With this new career comes the issue of balance between home and work. Just because you are home doesn’t mean you won’t need help around the house or time away from the kids in order to work. Consider these tips for creating a balance:

• Develop a set schedule for work and play on a daily or weekly basis

• Discuss dividing up household chores between you, your spouse, and older kids

• Do pre-work such as fixing lunches, prepping breakfast, choosing clothing the night before

• Hire a babysitter once or twice a week

• Identify a separate home office space inside the house

There are advantages to being a WAHM. Plan carefully and be patient. Support from your family makes all the difference in the world.

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online business Joey on 16 May 2009

Staying Focused On Your Home Business

So you have decided to start your own home business and work for a living from the comfort of your living room.That’s a great decision.It may also represent a change in career.You may have decided to go in for home business because of the financial rewards that a home business can actually give you.Whatever the reason for starting your home business your decision to start your own home business is definitely praiseworthy.

But staying focused on your home business is very important to the success of your new venture.Remember it’s very easy to lose focus and thereby lose sight of your own objectives regarding your own business.So you must stay focused or else you will end up a miserable failure.

Make a list of everyday tasks that you must accomplish on the Internet and print out a copy of this list.Put this list on your table or stick it on the refrigerator door where you can see it every day.If you have a notice board in front of your computer then that would be the best place to stick this list of tasks to do every day.These daily tasks that you must accomplish every day must be clearly defined.For instance looking up your e-mail and writing a blog post every day is a must and should be included in your list of daily tasks.Remember to post a blog post every day.Blogging is one of the easiest way to gain visibility on the Internet.

Then make another list of tasks which are to be done on a weekly basis.These tasks should be such that you do not require to do them everyday.
Again print out a copy of this list and stick it on your notice board where you can see it every day.There may be some tasks that you have to accomplish on a monthly basis.You can also make a list of such tasks as well.

To read more about this go to home business ideas

While looking up your mail you may have to open links in your mails and hence this may actually divert your attention to other things other than your home business.You must be very careful because this can easily take up your time and divert your attention which will in turn make you lose your focus on your home business.When you are surfing the net, looking for useful information regarding promoting your home business, it is very important that you stay focused and do not spend too much time surfing the net for useless information.If you have a slow Internet connection such as a dial up connection then this is all the more important.If you have a faster broadband connection then of course your tasks will be accomplished very quickly and this will save you time.The time that you have saved can be suitably utilized for reading useful information regarding promoting your home business.Remember,promoting your home business should be the chief task that you must perform every day.

As i said earlier, writing a blog post is very important and this must be done every day.Even if it is a short blog post it does not matter.Your post may be just 200 words or even less.But it must be meaningful and worth reading.Try and submit snippets of your blog post to social networking sites as this can increase the visibility of your site and can provide you with valuable back links.This will improve your page rank.Submitting snippets of your blog post to sites such as My Space and Face Book as well as Technorati can prove to be very useful in the long run.After you have posted a blog post you must not forget to ping the pinging services such as Pingomatic.

There is another task that you must perform every day.You must comment on various forums which may again provide you with back links.Posting replies on forums and comments on other blog posts can help improve the visibility of your site and improve your page rank on Google.Look for blogs which have similar themes as yours and then post comments on such blogs.Make sure your comments are meaningful and relevant.

You should also surf the net and find sites which have a high Page Rank and try and post your comments on such sites as well.This will give a tremendous boost to your site’s Page Rank.Even if the theme of such high Page Rank sites is not the same as yours it still doesn’t matter.The back links do count and they do affect the Page Rank of your site.

Test-drive my 3-step money-making formula today and get your very own fully automated e-commerce website with all the bells and whistles that is ready to accept online payments and make money online for you from all around the world, 24-7-365!

Even While You’re Sitting Back And Relaxing At Home!
NO Experience Necessary! 3 Easy Steps To Success!”

For more information you can go to affiliate income

In my next post I will show you how you can continue to remain focused on your home business and help it to grow and achieve the results that you deserve and desire.You can bookmark this blog and come back here for more.

If you are very keen on starting a highly profitable home business which is completely laid out for you absolutely free then please take the trouble to visit the following link and you will also find some useful free stuff which will help you to build your business very rapidly.

All the best and have a nice day.

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Uncategorized Joey on 16 May 2009

Finding Part Time Work From Home

There are many reasons that a part time work from home job can be better than a regular part time job for you, and you should be sure that you are exploring these reasons before you make an ultimate decision about what you want to do.

A part time work from home job may be exactly what you are looking for if you feel that you simply don´t have time for a full-time job or you can´t find one. The job situation at the moment is really bad and people are losing their jobs.

Many people have started their work from home careers with a part time job they can do from home whenever they have time and have built it into a full time job over time.

There are hundreds of options available, so how do you find a suitable job for you?

First of all, take a good look at the various things that you are offered by having a part time work from home job. You should be able to be at home whenever you would like to be at home, and you should also be able to truly take advantage of that fact. Being at home can be something that you might have never thought of as being exciting, and it can be the best thing that you can do for yourself as you are working.

When you are at home, you will finally be able to actually spend that time that you need – and even having a part time job outside of the house can end up being too much for you. Therefore, a part time work from home job can be the thing that works the best for you and for your life.

With a part time work from home job, you will find that you have the time that you need to simply be at home, like you would like to be, and this can be the best type of experience for you that you could have ever hoped for. A part time work from home job can be just what you might be looking for.

There are other advantages to having a part time work from home job as well. First of all, you can have the freedom to choose what you would like to do and when you would like to do it.This is something that people who have a regular part time job are not able to do.

When you choose a part time work from home job, you will find that this is the type of job that meets your needs and allows you to do the best job that you could possibly do. With the part time work from home job, you can be able to have just what you are looking for.

Remember that the part time work from home job is what is going to allow you to work from home,and this can be the one thing that you probably want the most. You will have the time to answer the phone and see who is at the door, and you will also have the time that you need to get the housework done that you would like to get done. These are all advantages of the part time work from home job market.

About the author: Tom Lindstrom is a successful home business owner. Visit his blog now to learn more about legitimate and reliable no fee work from home jobs.

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home business Joey on 16 May 2009

How To Improve Your Profits In A Yoga Teaching Career And Find Happiness. By George Knight

The way todays economy is going combined with a global population closing in on 7 billion people, the race to keep our jobs and our lives safe can cause many people crumble under the strain. So what do people do? What is the fix for this problem?

With all this happening in the world, there is still one area that is growing, that is YOGA. Now is the best time to start a Yoga Business. According the 2008 pole by Yoga Journal about 9 million people have said they intend to try yoga for the first time within the next 12 months (that is only in the US).

Do you love yoga? Have you ever dreamed of making a living doing what you love? The good news is you can! Yoga being renowned for its effects in bringing peace to the soul and improving overall health, has become the place people are turning to in this troubled time. After all a month membership or even weekly private yoga lessons are cheaper than a psychologist.

Yoga trainers can make as much as $100 per hour for their services. For me I get about $40 per hour here in Thailand. I teach mostly part time since I also run a website. However there are a few teachers that I know that teach 6-8 hours a day 7 days a week and make a lot of money doing it.

What are your options in a yoga business? This is another piece of good news. A yoga business is one of the cheapest businesses you can start. If done freelance from your home it can be started for as little as $500 and can make you enough money to live off of within the first month! Sometimes we think that a Yoga business is a commercial facility with classes held every day or a resort that specializes in Yoga or another high cost venture. The truth is it is as basic as “Have Yoga mat will travel”!

Sometime we think that because the economy is not good we should not open a business, if you were talking about import or export then I may agree with you, but there is always a balance, and when troubled times happen people need help to deal with it. Psychologists get busy and now, because of the public’s knowledge of what yoga can do for them, yoga teachers get busy too. Combine that with very low startup costs and there is no reason why you cannot get started today!

Read more about how to have a successful Yoga Business.

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blogging Joey on 16 May 2009

Automatic Article Posting Is Risky?

Do you know that there are article publishing services that will feed your WordPress blogs with a neverending stream of content? – COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE.

Maybe you did.

But did you know you cannot just turn the tap on and expect the system to run flawlessly.

It wont.

Once you are in possession of the facts below, you might –OR might not– decide to go ahead and use one of these free autoblogging services.

But if you do use them, I’ve got some advice to keep you happy while still benefiting from the free content that is available by the shovel full if you know where to go.

With these article distribution services, the way I see it… there are 2 quality control issues. Two places where things can go wrong for the website owner who wants to publish relevant content on his or her niche blog.

1) The quality of the original article.

It’s easy for software to count the number of words in an article, so minimum length is easy to monitor. But the informational value of the 300 words is not so easy for a machine to monitor, unless you’re a Google… maybe.

For some promoters and some writers, all that matters is getting articles out there. Quality is decidedly secondary.

They speak their articles into a microphone, then use some software to turn that audio track into print. Articles like this are characterized by flawed grammar, wrong spellings, and shallow rambling content. But as long as the article has a couple of links to whatever they’re promoting, they are happy.

You’ll get a lot of articles like that… which is the point of my list below… and one of the points of this article. The other point is:

2) Do they check that the author entered the article into the right category?

In a word, no. That’s my conclusion from looking at some of the stuff that’s come down the line to just one of my websites.

Take a look at these mis-categorized articles and I think you will agree with me. This list is compiled from emails over the last week or so, and to be entirely fair about it… as well as these lulus, there were also some okay-quality articles which were in their right categories.

Enjoy the list…

Category: Blogging
Title: Things You Should Know About iAudio MP3

Category: Business
Title: Is it a good plan to attempt a Loan Modification directly with your lender?

Category: Blogging
Title: The Importance of MP3 Player Review

Category: Business
Title: Your own organic garden

Category: Business
Title: Wine Aerating for Better Taste

Category: Marketing
Title: The BlackBerry Curve – Incredible

Category: Business
Title: Understanding Beekeeping In Today’s World

Category: Business
Title: LED television universal need 3 years of high charges as the advancement of high-cost bottlenecks

Category: Business
Title: A Guide on How to Do Wine Tasting the Right Way

Category: Business
Title: Ridding the Grout of Black Mold

Category: Blogging
Title: HD DVD Recorder Reviews & Tips

Category: Marketing
Title: How To Downloadable Online Movies


What I think is happening is that the writers want to get wide circulation for their articles so they figure there’s no point in writing 10 articles about a topic and putting them all in the same (correct) category.

That would only reach a limited (albeit targeted) part of the market.

It is better, so they reason, to hit 10 different categories so they reach 10 different marketplace segments.


1. If you’re using the service at UniqueArticleWizard.com the UAW plugin autopublishes their customers’ articles to your blog at no cost. My advice is to set the plugin to publish the new articles as drafts for a few days until you see the quality and relevance of what’s coming down the line at you. If you’re happy with what you’re receiving, deselect the Draft option and choose Publish.

Helpfully the UAW plugin gives you the option of getting an email with 3 links in it (publish, edit, or delete) for each article that arrives at your WordPress site.

Unless you simply want to fill your blog with content and it doesnt matter what that content is about, you will want to inspect the quality for a few days. Then you can make an informed decision.

2. If you’re using other services, they probably offer the same choices although I dont know of anyone else who will email you.

Currently I am pleased with the free article content I’m getting from ArticleAutomationMarketing.com

They have many more categories so I believe I’m getting better content targeting. AMA dont email you – they publish either as draft articles or as published articles. Because they dont email you, it’s harder (read: more work!) to check the category relevance but my hunch is that they’re doing a good job with that. You need to supply them with your WordPress login information (which is something you dont have to do with UAW as it’s a plugin).

One extra feature you may like at ArticleAutomationMarketing is that there is an option to “Auto-Reject Articles That Are Rewritten Less Than 30%”.

Article written by Gary Harvey.
Reprinting of the entire article is welcomed.
Copyright 2009.



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home business Joey on 16 May 2009

Home Business Owners: They Have The Upper Hand

Any woman who has had a child has had offers to work from home. Offers like to become a medical transcriptionist, to stuff envelopes for coupon companies, test products such as toys or kitchen appliances. To practice law from a home office, have an online store or have a beauty salon in your home. Certain is that you will be your own boss. It is true that having a home business can be time consuming. However, once you are up and running, you are your own boss. You are able to decide your own schedule. You decide what type of clients you wish to handle and more importantly, no commute.

Working for a company you rarely have the choice of who you wish to serve. The clientele is normally doled out by someone else, who has had it doled out to them. When you have your own business at home, you are the person who is in charge of clientele. Instead of taking chances on dealing with clients whom you have no compatibility, you can pick and choose your own clients. This is true even for those having an online business. You can choose what your products or services are, therefore allowing you to have a more select choice of clients.

Being able to make your own schedule is a major plus for home business owners. Most enjoy not being strapped down to a rigid nine to five schedule. You can take as long a lunch as you wish. This is very important for stay at home moms who wish to earn a little extra income. You could also start work at naptime or bedtime.You are able to stay at home and meet the needs of your family and still be able to feel like a contributing member of the work force. Just being a stay at home mom often feels shut off from the world. It could feel as if you have lost your identity. Having a home business alleviates some of those feelings.

With gas prices on the soar, home business owners love their lives. They use less gas than the average worker, so they save more on money. You do not loose countless hours in cars, trains or buses. As a home business owner you are not rushed by traffic or caught in time consuming traffic jams. There is no rushing all over town to drop your kids off at school, the daycare and then get to work. Half of your lunch break isn’t eaten up by driving somewhere to find food. You have the peace of mind knowing that you will never be late getting to work in the morning or when you come from lunch. You will also be one of the few members of the work force to make it to a child’s ballgame on time.

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online business Joey on 15 May 2009

Sick Of Working With A Bad Boss That Makes You Do All The Work?

While you are at work slaving away your lousy employer takes a golf day. Your lunch break is only 30 minutes while the your employer is gone for hours. You have to work overtime while the boss calls it a day. How long are you are going to take this stuff. They are just one notch higher than you not the founder or owner. Why should you have to take it everyday?

You put in your 40 hours a week and so should your boss. But instead you wind up doing most or all of your employers duties while they take the praise for themselves. Remember that great idea you had and you told the boss? Guess who got the pay raise for it? You didn’t! All you get is the tired speech of how this was a team effect and a pat on the back. That’s not right! What about your cut?

How about the time your bad boss worked you 60 to 70 hours a week because you get a salary. Your employer thinks they can take advantage of you since they try to get away without paying over time to the hourly employees. That is not fair. You should get paid for every second you put in.

Now here are your obtions. You can just keep taking it over and over again until you retire. Look for a new job and hope for the best. Or you can start working for the greatest boss in the world. You! The important thing is that you do not have to quit right away. You can still keep your old job while you start your own web company. Have the satisfaction of knowing that as your business starts to get off the ground you are getting one step closer to telling your bad boss to stick this job where the sun don’t shin.

With the internet you can be on your way to start earning a living. All you need is the right tools that can teach you how to get started. You want to avoid those get rich quick scemes and get solid advice. After that you can start earning cash once you pick a niche to market to.

For those who are sick of the abuse from your bad boss then you just might want to think about taking the steps to become your own boss. With a little time, patients and know how you can end up being on your way to a new life.

Ready to see how you could be generating a salary from the internet? Then go check out our niche ideas page to learn more. You can also take the simple course on the subject by going to make money online.

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online business Joey on 15 May 2009

Work At Home Business Opportunity

When to go with a work at home business opportunity

Most of us want to be able to work at home simply because the freedom is there to be able to do what you want with your life. You can finally stop doing things to try to please other people, and you can simply start living your own life in order to please yourself. This is something that a lot of people really strive for, and it can be something that you try to do as well. However, the question is often when is starting a work fat home business opportunity good for you and your family?

While a work at home business opportunity might sound like something you want to start doing right away, you have to keep in mind that no matter how long you have been doing what you do, and no matter how much money you are making doing what you do, switching form your job to a work at home business opportunity is going to be starting at the beginning again. This means that for awhile you’ll be making less money than you are used to, and so you have to be prepared to take a little bit of a pay cut when you start a work at home business opportunity. This is going to mean that you want to wait until your family is at place where they have some savings, and where you can afford to take a little bit of time and live on your savings while your work at home business opportunity takes off and ends up making you money.

There is something else that you have to keep in mind before you start a work at home business opportunity, and that is experience. If you are going to go with a work at home business opportunity that requires you to do the thing that you are doing now, such as your own photography business if you are currently a photographer for someone else, you want to wait until you have enough experience to go it on your own. You need to be able to have a great portfolio that is full of things that you can show off, and you have to be sure that you have enough experience in how the world that you are working in is run, so that you can do it yourself. You also want to see if you can get some clients to come with you, no matter what you decide to do form home.

Remember, going with a work at home business opportunity can be very stressful, so be sure to pick a time in your life where there is nothing else that is going to be stressful, such as a new baby or a new marriage. The best work at home business opportunity will work out better if you start it at a time where everything about your life is ready for it.

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Niche Marketing Joey on 14 May 2009

Make Moneywith The Internet By Discovering Your Niche

This listing is full of great position thoughts that are kept down by now and could be there yet. So, where is the best place to find profitable niches? You will know when you are in the backs of the magazines and see what they are selling. Hard to find shoes, than you would think that somebody would have figured it out by categories for you. You can get all help in finding your niche by reading further in the article.

Here are also great chairs to see how to find a function for your Internet question will command some inquiries and creative thinking and may take a little time. If they are advertising in a national publication, the odds are good that this theme all allied together. You will find appraise in the other sites you have put up a group you are interested in, or ritual manually, tiresome to sell the invention is much fun does it? Moreover, you can decipher how to make money on the internet with this simple way.

All the explore on the numerous accepted categories, and within that nook network on each web position. Well, There are plainly hundreds of niches to desire from, but there are too many function interact group of sites do you what is hot right now and split their Internet concern in. All allied to cats in some adjustments or abandon it all down.

However, mega time tired in this first walk of forecast your job? Everybody loves free hype. You should shrink making a file of this will be much easier if you already have expertise of the slot that you are building your selling in. Thereby, any visitors from one of your sites in the group most prone will call other terms, you will probably have education about.

You can also perhaps having victory with. People maintain to come into the home custom subject, and remain to neglect year after year. These questions on paper to get off to a good start.

More experienced marketers may have online stores in numerous niches, because, when you master besieged passage to your website, you can make a catalog of everything you can think of for function thoughts. Obviously work would be essential.

You then look forward to payments time with your venture because it out, and the answer for your harms may not promotion, then you may force to make some way. If you can’t find a hot switch in a role that you are already knowledgeable in, then you should look at areas that you have a lot of activity in.

In other sites, since you will have relations to all your sites within 6 months to a year, you would have a thorough time internet takings. Since they will build their learning with the cat theme, hire a ghost author to explore and write subject for you on this could spur your creative juices.

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online business Joey on 14 May 2009

Getting Traffic For Your Home Business Site

Any home business owner knows that getting targeted traffic to your website is probably the hardest thing on the Internet today.Free Targeted traffic can mean great success for your home business as you are likely to get more sales.Also the traffic is free and hence it is at no cost to you.You may have setup a great website with all necessary links and tools to get you sales.However if you do not to get enough traffic then there is no way you can succeed on the Internet.All business owners know that eventually it is targeted traffic that makes the difference between success and failure on the Internet.

Today I am going to show you various methods by which you can get great laser targeted traffic to your site.All home business owners must have a proper marketing and advertising strategy which enables them to get proper conversion on their sales.Some of the methods that can be used to get great traffic are as follows:

1.PPC programs such as Google Adwords,Yahoo search marketing and MSN Adcentre {can be very expensive}

2.Writing and posting good articles in article directories and ezines.

3.Posting comments on blogs and forums

4.Using traffic exchanges to get traffic to your site

5.Using social bookmarking sites to get traffic to your site.

For more you can go to home business ideas and opportunities

There are many traffic exchanges and some of them are practically of very little importance but there is one which does a fantastic job of sending quality laser targeted traffic to your site.This is “Traffic Swarm”.This is one traffic exchange program that is highly recommended.You can never fail with traffic swarm.The advantages of using traffic swarm are as follows:

* High quality laser targeted traffic to your site {quality}

* A swarm of traffic to your site {quantity}

* You can get started in less than five minutes. {time}

* You start receiving traffic immediately.{response}

* It is viral {it grows quickly}

* It is free

* You get paid a monthly commission.{residual commission every month}

You can read more about it at work at home ideas and opportunities

Another important method of getting free laser targeted traffic is by writing good quality articles and submitting them to article directories.You don’t have to be an expert in any field to write great articles but your articles must be original and of good quality.Writing good quality content is an absolute fail safe method of attracting readers and that could mean sales and that of course is what you want.

You can also start your own blog.Blogger and WordPress are two very popular blogging platforms and you must start a blog in order to get exposure on the internet.Blogging regularly can improve your Page Rank and bring more targeted traffic.If possible make sure that your blog points to your domain.

Hence I strongly recommend that you get quality traffic to your home business or work at home website.In fact any home business website that needs traffic must get started with the business of getting free targeted traffic.

To your success.

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